High-waisted 3-bones Triple-breasted Elastic Body Pants



1. The waist elastic is skin-friendly and comfortable, strong and durable, with excellent elasticity and not easy to deform, providing a strong plastic effect for your waist and abdomen;
2. High waist design, wraps the waist area in all directions;
3. Using super-plastic coarse mesh cloth, super-strong plasticity, easy to shrink the fat on the abdomen and legs;
4. 3 rubber bones to support the waist and prevent curling;
5. Three-row buckle design, more adjustment space; thicker square buckle, double-needle reinforcement, durable;
6. Epoxy lace at the foot to prevent curling;
7. The wrinkled design of the hips does not press the hips, and the double-layer structure under the hips helps to lift the hips and shape the sexy peach hips;
8. The crotch zipper design is convenient for going to the toilet, and the YKK zipper is durable;