Dark Grey Ab Lipo Molder Compression Board Postoperative Abdominal Fat Compression Shaping Plate


This Dark Grey Ab Lipo Molder Compression Board is an ideal postoperative abdominal shaping plate to reduce fat and shape your silhouette. Featuring a lightweight, breathable fabric and adjustable design, the board comfortably molds to your body and is perfect for postoperative fat compression. Enjoy a slimmer silhouette and greater mobility with the Ab Lipo Molder Compression Board.

1. Material composition: Outer layer: 67%Nylon+33% Elastane, inner layer: 100% Polyurethane;
2. The top W-shaped curve design achieves the effect of chest support;
2. Increase the length of the two wings and increase the waist coverage area;
3. According to ergonomics, three-dimensional modeling design;
4. The middle layer is fitted with a flexible nylon board to provide a good support effect for the abdomen;
5. The fabric is not easy to fall off after multiple washing with glue
6. Reasonable wearing will effectively help the recovery of the skin after the operation;
7. The surface fabric is made of breathable fabric, which is moisture-absorbing and breathable. Use scenarios: daily life, liposuction surgery, postpartum recovery, abdominal pain.