Back Lipo Lumbar Molder Compression Board Lumbar Fat Compression Shaped Buttock Plate


Fittingly named the "Back Lipo," this ultra-sleek Compression Shaped Buttock Plate molds lumbar fat so you can bid farewell to flat buns! With just a few uses you'll be walking with confidence and a brand new booty. Take it from us, this plate is worth its weight in gold!

1. Increase the length of the two wings and increase the coverage area of the lumbar spine and buttocks;
2. According to ergonomics, three-dimensional modeling design;
3. The surface fabric uses breathable fabric, which is moisture-absorbing and breathable;
4. The fabric is not easy to fall off after multiple washing with glue;
5. Reasonable wearing will effectively help the recovery of the skin after the operation;
6. The edge step transition design increases the support effect of the shaping buttocks